10 of the Biggest Artists on SoundCloud in 2021

Who has the most supporters on SoundCloud? Look at this rundown of the main 10 specialists on SoundCloud, as of June 2021.

Since its rise in 2007 SoundCloud has given a stage to underground craftsmen to ascend to the standard. Who are the greatest craftsmen on SoundCloud in 2021?

What is SoundCloud?

Established in 2007, SoundCloud is a craftsman first stage controlled by a worldwide local area of specialists and audience members on the beat of what’s happening, presently and next in music culture. We enable free craftsmen with the devices, administrations and assets they need to help them fabricate and develop their vocations. With more than 250 million tracks from 30 million specialists from 190 nations on SoundCloud, we are the biggest sound disclosure stage on the planet.

What Can You Do on SoundCloud?

Be the craftsman. Transfer tracks and offer them with your informal communities. Advance your deliveries, draw in with fans and bring in cash when you become qualified to adapt. Make a record for nothing or move up to Pro Unlimited to get to their top tier instruments.

Be the audience. Discover new music and offer most loved disclosures with your interpersonal organizations. Backing the specialists you love by remarking, reposting and preferring their tracks. You can even save limitless tracks and playlists for promotion free, disconnected tuning in with a Go+ membership.

These are the 10 most followed artists on SoundCloud:

1. Future – 9.92 million SoundCloud followers

2. Big Sean – 9.50 million followers

3. Thanos Petrelis – 8.51 million followers

4. Young Money – 8.48 million followers

5. Wale – 8.32 million followers

6. Pusha T – 8.20 million followers

7. Big K.R.I.T. – 8.07 million followers

8. B.o.B – 8.05 million followers

9. Lana Del Rey – 8.01 million followers

10. Justin Timberlake – 7.83 million followers