5 Best Places To Visit In Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is South Africa’s most important landmark. It is the third of three national capital cities and serves as the country’s judicial capital. This list contains 5 places to visit in Bloemfontein and not Limpopo. You should make sure you stop at these places when you are sightseeing.

Adventure Lovers’ Ultimate Cheetah Experience

This wildlife sanctuary is just a short drive away from Bloemfontein. You will have a memorable tour with the wildlife tour called “See, Sense, Touch”. The availability and timing of such adventure tours as well as the encounter with wild cats will depend on their nature. This park is famous for its abundant wildlife animals such as lions, leopards, wolves, and others. You must book in advance to take this tour. To avoid any unexpected incidents, you will need to adhere to the safety guidelines. It is one the most beautiful spots in Bloemfontein.

Bagamoya Wildlife Estate

Bagamoya Wildlife Estate can be found at a mere 30 km distance from Bloemfontein. It is an ideal spot for animal lovers. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with lion cubs as well as lions. This mingling takes place under the guidance of expert teams, who take the best precautionary measures. The park guides can advise you on the best precautions to follow when you are near animals such as warthogs or zebras. Bloemfontein is home to this amazing place.

Oliewenhuis Art Gallery

This gallery, named after wild olive trees in the background of hills, is stunning. This gallery looks a lot like Bloemfontein’s National Museum. You can also learn about the South African Art Collections that include many works of art and masterpieces from well-known artists. In this gallery are the works of well-known artists like Pieter Wenning, Thomas Baines and Willem Coetzer.

National Museum

The National Museum, which is an attraction in itself, was established in 1877. The National Museum allows tourists to examine the artistic traditions in the area and learn about the political and cultural history. The museum offers a comprehensive knowledge of Africa’s 19th and 20th centuries through its large collection of fossils, as well as information about the local musical traditions. It is a popular attraction for children, but it also attracts adults who enjoy the site.

Anglo Boer War Museum

Visitors to the Anglo Boer War Museum will learn a lot about the region’s history and the conflicts that occurred between 1899-1902. The museum offers a wealth of information about the brutal war scenes that were perpetrated on the Africans. It has an excellent collection of information, both audio-visuals and arts.