Here are some suggestions to ensure you get the best flight

We’ve been collecting weekly flight surveys for a long time and have realized that travelers always seek to reduce costs of travel. This is more than ever! The idea of booking cheap flight is one method to accomplish this. This is the most efficient way to save around a third-to-half of the cost.

It was not possible to reserve during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and subsequent health crisis. There were a few aircrafts flying in the skies (except for some repatriation flights). With the number of people in financial strain, it’s more crucial to find low-cost flights after flights have resumed. We’re here to help! We’ve talked to our travel experts and compiled some of the top ways to book flights to South Africa at an affordable price in the post-lockdown world.

If your airline has frequent flyer program, it is recommended to join. You may also be eligible to get any miles that are not claimed to 3 months from your departure date, based on the airline you choose to fly with. If you are able make your bookings on only one airline. It is also possible to investigate alliances with airlines or groups that let you earn and redeem miles across several airlines. Star Alliance is a good example. It comprises SAA, Lufthansa and Ethiopian Airways. Domestically, it is possible to examine the connections between British Airways Comair & Kulula or SAA and Mango. For a discounted price for both Mango or SAA flights, you could make use of the SAA Voyager points.

It’s worth taking a look at the options for rewards and other benefits that are available when considering the purchase of a credit card. Visa and MasterCards are the most well-known choices for international travelers. But there is no need to be restricted to the options banks have to offer. Kulula credit cards are another option. Kulula credit cards are an excellent choice for those who frequently travel domestically. There is also the Discovery Credit Card is also an alternative. Be aware of interest rates, since you could be paying more than twice the cost of your flight.

Every airline is important and even the less well-known African airlines. A lot of them are still trying to establish their own brands. RwandAir, Ethiopian Airways and Ethiopian Airways are great value for the money. They also provide amazing airfare deals. They are like Emirates fifteen years ago. These offers shouldn’t be overlooked. Airports are among the most secure locations in Africa. Be aware of the travel time, and keep an eye on the extra cost of lounge access if you’re traveling a lot in smaller airports that offer little entertainment.

Don’t assume that low-cost carriers are always the most affordable. Utilize a search engine to compare prices for flights from full-service airlines (British Airways SA Express, SA Airlink and SAA) and low-cost carriers (Mango and Kulula). It is important to ensure that your search results display the most affordable choices on top. Don’t forget to think about any additional costs. The results might surprise you!

Be sure to check the specifics of the cheapest flights available. FlySafair domestic flights are not able to carry baggage that is checked. This adds the cost to R150 for each person. Virgin Atlantic, an international airline, has launched an affordable flight that does not permit checked bags. It’s usually more expensive to add bags when booking a flight than an airline that includes it at the start. The flight booking engine on this page is located on the left side. It lets you quickly compare prices and check out what’s included.

Find the most affordable deal. There are many airlines that face financial challenges in times like these and are frequently reported by the media. Since the situation is constantly changing and we’re not naming names. Be sure to do your homework, and don’t book travel tickets in advance for airlines that are notorious for their difficulties. Be flexible with the dates of your travel, and be able to pay using your credit cards. Last-minute offers are always worth searching for!

What is the best time to I reserve my tickets? In general, the most affordable tickets are first offered by airlines. The most important thing to remember is to make your reservations as soon as you can. This golden rule isn’t enjoyable or useful however it does suggest that you must book your flights when you are able to get a deal that you’re happy with. There is a greater likelihood of finding the lowest prices by making your bookings sooner than normal. But, nobody can forecast the sales of airlines. They can be announced at any time.

However, there are millions of exceptions to each rule. To reduce the chance that tickets will not sell as anticipated airlines employ an automated pricing system. This usually happens when you get closer to your travel date, based on availability. Sometimes, it can happen that way if there’s more demand than there is space. This can be risky. It is generally possible to wait 10 to 4 weeks prior to the date you are scheduled to leave to get last-minute or exclusive offers on flights.