These are the best tips to help you get cheaper flights

Most trips include airfare as the most costly part. Even though transatlantic flight prices have dropped in recent years they can still be costly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo traveler or a large family that wants to take a vacation abroad, finding cheap flights could be the difference between a successful trip and a disappointing one.

You should ignore the Myths

It is important to understand that finding cheap flights is not a simple task. There are many myths out there about how to find cheap flight deals. These myths are common in your quest to find the best deal on flights.

They’re all lies. They will lead them astray.

Websites often hire poor reporters who recycle old and familiar myths. Here are some common myths that are absolutely false:

  •  It is not cheaper to purchase airfare on a Tuesday or any other specific day.  
  •  There is no evidence to suggest that searching incognito results in cheaper deals.  
  •  Book your airfare at any time and no specific date.  
  •  Prices for airline tickets can’t be predicted and websites who do predict them are basically making an educated, but likely incorrect, guess.  

Airlines used sophisticated computer and pricing algorithms for pricing and sales. They used these algorithms to determine prices based on passenger demand, weather, major events/festivals and time of day. These “tricks” no longer work. The system is simply too intelligent. They should be thrown out. Let them die.

Listen to no one who says otherwise. Anyone telling you something different isn’t really a professional. These myths will completely lead you astray.

Flexible Travel Dates and Times

The price of an airline ticket varies depending on when it is, what day of the week it is, and what holidays are coming up, like Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving. August is a busy month for Europe travel.

If you fly when everyone else is, your ticket will cost you more.

Be flexible about your dates. If you have a firm desire to visit Paris, it is advisable that you travel to Paris during the spring and fall. This allows for fewer tourists and lower airfares.

If you’re looking to travel in August, however, Then you’re out of luck. Hawaii Christmas? Good luck! They will be the highest prices.

You can fly off-season. Look for other dates so you can get the best deal. It is less likely that you will find a deal the more rigid your plans are.

Because most people travel during weekends, airlines raise their prices on weekends, it is almost always cheaper to fly in the middle of week than on the weekend. It is also more affordable to fly after a major holiday. Early-morning and late-night flights are less expensive because fewer people are willing to travel there (and who wants to rise early ?!).). Fridays and Mondays can be quite expensive as business travelers often fly there on Fridays or Mondays.

Airlines are not stupid. Airlines are not dumb. They know when a major holiday, sports event or school break is approaching and raise prices accordingly.