Why are chefs adding sauces to their restaurant dishes?

Here are 4 reasons why chefs love our sauces

It is a common question that I receive frequently: “Why sauces are added to food?” Some people have a favorite sauce for everything. Children will often smother their vegetables and meat with tomato sauce, including their baked beans. Some prefer to eat their food without sauce. Although I would not advise you on how to eat your food, people at the opposite end of this spectrum may miss out on an amazing taste experience. We add sauces to enhance flavours.

Here are four reasons why chefs recommend sauce or include in the dish:

1.To compliment or counter natural flavours

If you think about food, there are certain sauces that will naturally go with it.

  • Mint sauce and lamb
  • Roast beef and horseradish sauce
  • Pork and apple sauce

Chicken Supreme is a chicken dish that has been enhanced with a sauce that is based on one the five mother sauces: veloute, which contains chicken stock and cream. The sauce has a deep, velvety texture and is ivory-coloured. This sauce can be added to chicken and gives it a full, intense flavour.

Combining meats with different sauces can be used in the same way, to enhance and compliment the flavour of fine cuts of meat.

2.To increase succulence

Fish and poultry are lean meats that naturally dry out when they’re cooked. (Remember the Christmas Day nerves as the turkey goes in the oven). Some cooking techniques, like grilling, can dry out a dish. We often serve grilled meat with a Bearnaise emulsion or a chutney. Beurre blanche elevates white fish to a whole new level.

3.To make the dish visually appealing

The saying, “You eat what you see”, will help you understand another reason chefs use sauces. A well-matched sauce can add lustre and flavor to any dish. For example, a red wine jus on lamb gives it that extra shine. Don’t overlook the visual excitement that comes with clashing or complementary colours. For example, a white fish paired with a red pepper coulis.

4. To add an additional layer of texture

Take the time to savor the aromas. Enjoy the taste buds. Taste the difference. The last piece of the puzzle is how the food feels on your tongue. You can add crunch to a lean protein dish or smoothen the texture of a pan-fried oyster.

The perfect sauce will elevate any dish. So visit Cape Sauce Co to find your perfect sauce.